Accessible digital service

Accessible digital service

Kolibre creates new possibilites

Published 11.06.2013

Pratsam's open source partner, Kolibre, has published software building blocks necessary for creating a talking publication player, this creates new possibilites for research and development of aids for the visually impaired. The software is licensed as open source software, which means that anyone can copy, improve or use the source code for various needs. Documentation has also been made available along with the source code so that individuals, organizations and companies can easily construct their own player for playback of Daisy talking publications.

More information here

Kolibre is a non-profit association founded to develop tools for individuals with print disabilities, initiated by Norra Österbottens svenska synskadade rf (NÖSS), the Federation of Swedish Speaking Visually Impaired in Finland  (FSVIF) and Pratsam Ab, and its purpose is to publish development results as open source software. The vision is that all individuals should have access to talking publications with a natural voice, regardless of their location, through a customized receiver: whether smartphone, computer, e-reader or customized player.