Customer solutions

Digital service for visually impaired

When text is inaccessible

A large portion of all of the information available in today’s society is transmitted as printed text, whether daily newspapers, books, magazines and documents. For individuals unable to easily consume text, it is difficult to participate in society and influence one’s surroundings. Books and newspapers adapted for accessible end user players provide a window to the world.

Pratsam makes it possible to easily and conveniently read accessible books and newspapers through apps for a variety of platforms. Some prefers advanced players with many features. Others might just need a player as simple as turning on the radio. The speed at which the text is read can be increased or decreased to a level that suits each listener.

By using the accessible DAISY digital publication format, listeners can easily navigate material. For over 15 years we have developed solutions together with various organizations, adapted for different needs.

The operational reliability of our distribution solutions is recognized as being of a high quality, and we consult and tailor our solutions in accordance with our customers’ needs.

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