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There are as many different needs as there are individuals with reading disabilities. It can be challenging to find a single playback solution for accessible media that suits everyone. A good approach is to have many different alternatives to choose from.

Pratsam has developed products together with the visually impaired since 2005, and we understand that our users need products that are as flexible and versatile as possible. Our hard work has lead to results: over 50.000 individuals uses Pratsam online services to read accessible books and newspapers.

From production to playback

Solutions for the production of accessible publications are an important part in the Pratsam product line. We have developed solutions whereby print newspapers can be turned into accessible newspapers with the help of speech synthesis. Different input formats and web scraping methods can be combined to produce accessible audio newspaper in formats such as DAISY for scheduled publishing, several times a day if preferred. 

One of our customers is the Finnish state-owned Accessibility Library Celia, which provides literature (fiction, non-fiction and educational books) in accessible formats such as DAISY 2.02 to those who are unable to read printed books. With Pratsam Server almost a million DAISY-books are distributed online every year to players adapted for end users with print disabilites.

Pratsam also works with international partners, allowing us to offer our clients extensive experience of specialized online solutions.

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